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Party hall rental Toronto

Rent our beautiful party hall for your private occasion: birthday party, stag and doe, wedding ceremony, baby shower, baptism! You can decorate it anyway you like!

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Danceland Studio

Visit our dance school website. Specializing in ballet, jazz,hip-hop and acro. Ages 3&up
Competitive and Recreational groups.

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  • healthy-drinks-for-kids

    Healthy Drinks for Kids You Can Also Serve at a Kids’ Party

    Several months ago we talked about some healthy snacks you can serve at your kid’s party (if you don’t remember it, you can find the blog post HERE). However, we now feel that it’s time to talk about the other side of the sugar rush: Drinks that are high in sugar.   So, what can we […]

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  • how-to-get-kids-to-eat-vegetables

    How to Get Kids to Eat Vegetables: Clever Tricks for Healthy Diet

    With all the colourful and sugary processed food out there, imposing a healthy diet on your kid can truly be a long and challenging struggle. Even we as parents know how hard it is sometimes to stay away from those crunchy double layered cookies, and we are supposed to be the ones in control.   […]

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  • birthday-party-on-a-budget

    Nifty Tips for an Awesome Birthday Party on a Budget

    Birthday parties are such a big part of growing up. The whole excitement of having an event planned solely because of you and getting to play with a whole bunch of children and be excused for an enormous amount of sugar rush gives children so much drive. There are, of course, gifts and decorations with […]

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  • easter-activities-for-kids

    Family Fun: Easter Activities for Kids Everyone Will Love

    If you’ve been following us for some time now, you probably know that we are big on holidays. Especially if they include coloring and lots of DIY projects. That’s what makes Easter such an amazing holiday for us. This year we decided to bring the fun to a whole new level so we prepared a […]

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  • Star War Party ideas

    Star Wars Party Ideas for kids (Toronto & GTA)

    Star Wars Party Ideas for kids (Toronto & GTA) As you may have already noticed, Star Wars has made a strong come back and has overtaken all store fronts and displays. Darth Vader humidifier (which is super cool and available in Home Depot) is a must purchase for your child’s room! Star Wars has always been […]

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  • teaching-social-skills

    Teaching Social Skills: Stimulating Your Kid Using these Activities

    As we have mentioned in one of our previous blog posts (which you can find HERE), exposing your kids to all kinds of social situations early on can be of great help when it comes to them developing people skills.     And that’s great. Because we all want to equip our kids with as […]

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  • valentines-day-activities

    3 Valentine’s Day Activities Perfect for Your Little Ones

    After your kids and you are done with our awesome Valentine’s Day party, about which you can find out more HERE, you’ll still have a whole day ahead of you to spread love with your precious ones.   For that reason, we came up with some amazing Valentine’s Day activities a whole family can enjoy.   […]

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  • benefits-of-kids-parties

    More Than Fun: What Are the Other Benefits of Kids’ Parties

    One of the main reasons we like attending parties in general is their social aspect. In most cases, going to a party means that you’ll be seeing a group of people you are mostly familiar with and whose company you know you can enjoy. When it comes to kids’ events, things are actually quite similar: […]

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  • Some Great New Year’s Eve Activities That Will Shake Them up and Keep Them Entertained

    Want your child to stay up to celebrate the beginning of a New Year? It can be quite a challenging task to explain to younger children what all this staying up late is about. It goes entirely against their schedule and, even though it makes them really excited at first, it also makes them quite […]

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  • healthy snacks

    Healthy Snacks for Birthday Parties

    4 ways you can improve birthday party snacks to make them healthier Preparing food for a larger group of children can be challenging. But preparing healthy food for a larger group of children some even consider a quest. In our work, we come across both the children who love veggies and children who are all […]

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  • My little pony princess party

    My Little Pony Princess party

    OUR NEW PARTY! Join Princess Celestria as she takes you on an adventure through Equestria. EXPERIENCE OUR NEW THEME! Book your “Little Pony Princess” party TODAY! Call us at 416 663 1700

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  • Frankie Stein

    Monster High party! This month’s hit!

    Have you heard of these monstrous tv series? If you have a 7-10 year old girl in your house hold you definitely have! The popularity of Monster High is growing day by day and attracting a wider variety of audience; younger siblings and even boys! Just to quickly describe this TV series, they is about […]

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  • queen elsa

    Importance of Birthday Parties

    Let’s begin with a questions: who doesn’t like parties? Obviously each person may have their own idea of a party, but overall everyone likes to have fun, especially kids. What can possibly be more special of a celebration than a celebration about YOU! Of course as adults a birthday also means getting one year older, […]

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  • Child's 1st birthday

    Your Child’s 1st Birthday Party

    What To Consider On Your Child’s 1st Birthday Party   Time flies really fast. From the birth of your child the next big thing that you will surely be planning ahead is his/her first birthday celebration. Parents deserve a pat on their backs for raising their little one. It is not easy to take care […]

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  • frozen party ideas

    What Is In A KIDS Party?

    • by: Nadia Kurenyova
    • on: 7:22 am
    • Comments are off for this post.

    There is something about organizing a kid’s party. For some parents out there who remain clueless of how they could end up throwing a successful kids’ party, we have made a guideline that is easy as K-I-D-S!

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Themed Birthday parties for kids at Fairyland Theatre are truly outstanding and unique.

The best Princess parties and Superhero parties in Toronto and GTA (Richmond Hill, Aurora, Markham, Vaughan, Newmarket, Mississauga, Brampton).

We have over 50 themes to offer for your special day! Toddler parties, pre-teen parties and many other themes for boys and girls.

Our characters are professionally trained entertainers and performers who have many years of experience working with children and hosting events.

Each themed party is created by event planners who have over 20 years of experience working on events for children and kid’s parties. Each theme has unique games and activities which are accompanied by themed props and music. Each is carefully designed in order keep the boys and girls engaged and interested.

Invite one of our princesses or superheroes to your private event or host your party at one of our party places (located in Toronto and Richmond Hill) and have the best party you can ever imagine!

With the use of light effects, music, stage sets, props, theme accessories and video projections your party will be one you
will remember forever. Our parties are filled with games, dancing and unlimited fun for all.

Being in business since 1999 we have worked hard on creating parties that are super fun, hassle free and well organized.